“Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”
– Voltaire


What others say

Aneta K., President at Fundacja Wspierania Rozwoju "Realia Kariery"
Management Consultant

“I had a pleasure to study with Claudia and had an opportunity to be coached by Claudia and to observe Claudia’s coaching someone else during practicum sessions. Claudia works according to high ICF standards. She is talented and well trained at asking powerful questions and bringing in new perspectives allowing her clients find their best solutions for themselves. With a unique sense of humour and energy Claudia brings to sessions is an enormous value add. I would reccomend Claudia to all leaders and business owners who want to have an inspiring, professional coach as their speaking partner.”

Petra H., Corporate Communications

“Claudia is a great coach who helps find the best solutions and answers to all questions of work and life. I'm looking forward to read her "coaching impulses" which she sends out every month. She picks up all the topics that really matter.”

Rolf S., Sales Manager

“I had the pleasure to work with Claudia in 2006, the results we gained were excellent and very valuable for me. With her deep and detailed knowledge of the coaching process, combined with her high level of integrity and performance, she enabled me to gain some important insights. This contributed very positively to some critical decisions I had to make at that time; the results are still very valid for me. Claudia, thank you very much for this excellent coaching !”

Mitchel Groter, PCC,CFF, Consultant
Certified YPO Facilitator, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

“Claudia displayed great intelligence, insight and warmth. It was evident how committed she was to her client's success. Her many years of experience enabled her to make a vital contribution and enriched my learning in a meaningful way.”

Ryan C. Bailey, Leadership Development Consultant, Executive Coach
Developing High-Performing Teams

“Claudia is an incredibly gifted coach. She can see between the lines and is great at empowering people to action. I have benefitted greatly from the work we have done. My practice and my life is better because of the work I did with her. She will champion you and encourage you to be the best you you can be. Besides all of that she has an infectious laugh that lightens the darker times and leads one to shift into solutions.”

Kate Barsby, ACC, Three Principles-based Coach
Trainer, Facilitator

“Claudia is a coaching powerhouse: she is not afraid to ask the questions that go straight to the heart of the matter in order to help her clients achieve the results they're after. She's intuitive and creative in her coaching approach - she helps clients see things from a different perspective and does so with lightness and fun. I highly recommend Claudia to high-flying executives, business owners and leaders who want to make deep and lasting changes in the way they live and lead.”

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