Mentor Coaching

“If you want to grow your business – grow yourself” –
- Thomas Leonard (and he did not mean grow taller)


Coach the Coach = Mentor Coaching

Being passionate about professional coaching, through mentor coaching with me you will equally touch the personal as well as the business side of our work.

Many coaches arrive at coaching via having first been a client; which later brings the urge to help and fix others. This is not coaching.

Rarely, new coaches consider the challenges of our dynamic and demanding industry. It takes a strong foundation to become a successful coaching professional.

Most coaches invest part of their working time in training, speaking, counselling and consulting. It is vital to coaching success to distinguish between these different roles and use these distinctions in the clients’ best interest.

Mentor Coaching with me means:

  • Advancing your professional and entrepreneurial development by evolving into the best possible coach for your clients by getting an even clearer understanding of the myriads of coaching processes possible.
  • Coaching is no one-way street. Every professional coach goes part of the way with his/her client whose issues may resonate with them. Coaches having their “jelly jiggled“ face the challenge of profound development.
  • I help ease the growing pains and to smoothen the resulting journey. For more details please visit my Mentor Coach profile.

What to expect:

  • Working with me is both challenging and fun. It definitely is no humour free zone as I believe in fun and laughter – especially when the going gets tough.
  • Whatever you wish to discuss and come up with is welcome. I am committed to your growth.
  • Together we evaluate your coaching. We discuss what you can be proud of, what you may have done differently and the impact this may have had. Also we check the progress you have made on your credentialing journey.
  • We work one on one, either by phone or half days face to face. There are no group sessions offered at present.


Credential and Working Languages:

I am PCC credentialed by the ICF International Coach Federation. I started coaching in 1998 as one of Germany’s coaching pioneers and have mentored coaches since 2012. You may work with me in German and English.