Human Change Coaching®

“Changing behaviour is less a matter of giving people analysis to influence their thoughts than helping them to see a truth to influence their feelings”
- John Kotter


What is Human Change Coaching®?

Starting out in coaching in 1998, I am one of Germany’s coaching pioneers. I thank all my clients, who allow me to partner with them on their journey, for their trust and our inspiring coaching conversations. They and my own continued learning create Human Change Coaching®, a unique coaching approach that really can change your life.

This is what it stands for:

  • Human
    Coaching real people – who they are or want to be, what they do, their dreams, needs, goals etc. – everything that makes them human.
  • Change Change is what living is all about. Nothing ever stays the same no matter how much we would like it to.
  • Coaching Coaching the way I see it is an effective approach to helping people help themselves.
  • ® signifies a registered trademark protected by law.

In a nutshell:
Humane change by helping people to help themselves

Human Change Coaching® delivers smoother, more efficient and effective change processes, provides well-defined feedback as well as sustainable personal and professional growth. It brings forth natural conflict-solving, decision-making and leadership skills as well as successful entrepreneurship development.

I partner best with motivated clients having a zest for success. These are people who curiously take a look behind the scenes, who delve into their foundations to strengthen their own resilience, who define mistakes as opportunities for learning and who live up to the challenge of a happy life (and go the extra mile for it).

My coaching languages are English and German, both on a mother tongue level. My coaching profile is found here.

Half day weekend appointments are available face to face here at Lake Chiemsee or a place of your choosing. I love telephone coaching. It is both effective and, without the travel, time saving. There is a telephone everywhere and 30 to 60 minutes can be found in every schedule.

Every coaching-relationship starts with a complimentary telephone call to check if we are a good match to create a successful coaching partnership. We touch on how we could best work together, the three goals you want to start with and which structure, time-frame and set-up meets your needs.

Interested? Then book your free complimentary session straight away and call me on +49 8051 965 9220. I look forward to connecting!