"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“
Neale D. Walsch


When in 1998 I started coaching clients it quickly became apparent that regardless what they wanted to be coached on, the spotlight was always on who they were and their desire to grow or change. Thus, coaching conversations of nearly twenty years have generated Human Change Coaching®, a unique approach that could really change your life.

  • Most of my clients are overworked and have lost touch with their true self, their inner needs and desires, their families and children. They are more at home in the parallel universe of corporate success than at home in real life.
  • Some think they are good on leadership or are cutting-edge entrepreneurs. Yet they have very little or no clue on how to lead themselves.
  • Latent internal and external conflicts often are left to smoulder; breeding a serious fire like illness, breakdown, loss of work or business failure etc.
  • They exert themselves for short-lived or phantom success while their precious once-only life-time passes by – unused and unfulfilled.


This is where Human Change Coaching® comes in.

Together we explore how you may get your life back without diminishing your professional success and personal achievements. You learn to accept and validate yourself for who you are instead of limiting yourself to what you make or do. In a safe, 100% confidential environment you are able to lighten your load, re-gain your strength and get back to what it is like to truly enjoy yourself, feeling fulfilled and happy. Take a look at my profile.

Interested? Then book your free complimentary session straight away and mail me at info(at) I look forward to connecting!