Claudia Nuber

"A wise man does not give you wise answers.
He asks you wise questions"
– Lévi Strauss


What does Claudia Nuber stand for?

I started my working life as shipping agent responsible to get the goods entrusted to our family business to their destination – safe, secure and on time. Translated to my coaching work, it means that I partner with you for you to reach your goals in the best possible way and in a timely fashion. Follow this link to my profile.

Six things you should know about me:

  • I love people – I want them to be happy and advance on their journey.
  • I have the spark – for you to make you shine.
  • I am curious – I want to know how you tick and why you get up in the morning.
  • I use fun and laughter - to ease your progress when the going gets tough.
  • I challenge you – to dare to help you grow.
  • I keep my promises – and expect the same from you.

I am a good fit for you, if you are seeking:

  • A clear mirror
    in which you can see and embrace yourself just the way you are.
  • Solutions for internal and external conflicts
    A sounding board for playing through visions, possibilities and challenges you are facing.
  • A sparring partner at an equal level
    to discuss your ideas with, strategize and develop goals for you to reach.
  • A gentle nudger or tough kick your behind’er
    to conquer procrastination or to expand your comfort zone.
  • A resourceful truffle-pig that intelligently helps you to unearth your hidden potentials, to enjoy them to
    the fullest possible extent and to evolve.
  • A walking compass
    for the times that you lose your way or don’t know in which direction to turn.


Working with me is easy:

  • I coach in German and English on a mother-tongue level.
  • Face to face half day sessions also on weekends are available here at Lake Chiemsee or at a mutually convenient place of your choosing.
  • Telephone coaching is comfortable and effective. A telephone is found everywhere and 30 to 60 minutes can be found in every busy agenda.