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High-quality, professional coaching based on eight core competences

39,95 €

Written for coaches who want to develop their competence and professionalism. My article "The two pillars of professional coaching" deals with the correct behaviour, as well as being, thinking, feeling and acting of a professional coach.

ca. 233 pages

ISBN 978-3-407-36761-7


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Business-Spielregeln für Frauen

Business-Spielregeln für Frauen

19,90 €

Loads of practical self-coaching questions to help you survive the business jungle. You will love the tips for increasing your comfort zone and creating your own rules in work and business. Stretch yourself!

Auffallend gut - Außergewöhnliche Bewerbungen von Personalchefs empfohlen

Auffallend gut - Außergewöhnliche Bewerbungen von Personalchefs empfohlen

3. Auflage

17,90 €

Good qualifications, a clear strategy and a little daring is the cocktail for successful career planning.

Auffallend gut - Außergewöhnliche Bewerbungen von Personalchefs empfohlen

Auffallend gut bewerben für freche Frauen

Frauen machen Karriere - aber anders!

17,90 €

Women have different needs when planning their career. Learn how to convince German employers that you are "Mrs. Right" for the job and how you find out that the job is the right one for you!

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Hans Heß (Hrsg.)
"112 Top-Geschichten für den professionellen Einsatz in Seminar und Coaching"

49,90 €

ca.280 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-95891-018-8


"Christopher Rauen (Hrsg.)"

49,90 EUR

4th Edition published at ManagerSeminare Verlag
ISBN 3-936075-18-2

Successful Coaches describe their favourite techniques and tools.

Walter, Susanne, Huber, Christine M.
"Knigge für freche Frauen"

17,90 EUR

Published at Redline Wirtschaft
ISBN 978-3-636-01366-8

Success in the business world means exuding personality through manner, outfit and style. The authors show women how to make a good impression in almost every possible business situation.