Coaching by Claudia Nuber

“The electric light did not come from
the continuous improvement of candles”
- Oren Haran


Coaching is always about a person – about who he/she is or wants to be in his/her personal life, work or business environment. Nobody can coach jobs, competencies, change, processes, companies or cars – they are unable to change of their own accord and thus uncoachable.

Change, development and evolution always originate from the human being coached and taking subsequent action. This is the reason I call my work Human Change Coaching®.

Starting out in coaching in 1998, I am one of Germany’s coaching pioneers. I thank all my clients who allow me to partner with them on their journey, for their trust and our inspiring coaching conversations. They and my own continued learning create Human Change Coaching®, a unique coaching approach that really can change your life.

You will best benefit from partnering with me in coaching if you

  • consider coaching as an investment in yourself – in your precious once-in-a-lifetime life.
  • look for professional coaching where thought provoking questions challenge you to go the extra mile. Everything talked about is kept fully confidential.
  • seek discharge from conflict or from the pressure of having to succeed.
  • appreciate a coach who is fully committed to your success, who is steadfast yet flexible, challengingly inspiring, motivating whilst getting you to the bottom line, empathic and understanding. All this without judgment and in your best interest.
  • need a sparring partner on an eye-level to mull over with seemingly incredible ideas, to discuss your fabulous visions, conflicting issues, tough strategies and jointly check them for viability, impact and success.


My coaching languages are English and German, both on a mother tongue level. Half day weekend appointments are available face to face here at Lake Chiemsee or at a place of your choosing. However, I love telephone coaching as it is very effective. It saves time – there is a telephone everywhere – and 30 to 60 minutes can be found in every schedule.

Since 2000 I am a member of the ICF – International Coach Federation and internationally credentialed since 2006. This credential is to be renewed every three years subject to proving a high standard of coaching competence.

Since 2012 I have offered Mentor Coaching to coaching colleagues pursuing their own professional development.

Also, I have authored and contributed to several books published in German. Upon request I provide interviews and articles to the press which are to the point and thought provoking.