"You cannot teach man anything -
you can only help to discover it in himself"

(Galileo Galilei)

Top notch coaching is what you get from Claudia Nuber!

She is one of Germany’s 26 coaches who are credentialed Professional Certified Coach by the professions largest body, the International Coach Federation. Claudia Nuber has developed Human Change Coaching, a solution focused method highly effective with all issues of change, entrepreneurship and leadership as well as personal and professional evolution.

Claudia Nuber coaches on site as well as by phone in German and English. Her clientele are CEO’s, Leaders and Executives, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. Her coaching Entrepreneurs and Start Ups is sponsored by Governmental Subisidies. She also works with people who take ownership of their life and progress.

Claudia Nuber’s warm personality encompasses solution focus, neutrality and objectivity as well as empathy and directness. She connects the clients’ needs and values in a way that makes them lead the life they always dreamt about.

Book your complimentary session with Claudia Nuber now and advance more quickly and easily on your path.